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4 min readJul 22, 2021

An abrupt, strong beginning of anguish and fear upon waking up, face flushed, just to beat yourself to come up with a better future plan, with zero guidance and thousands of thoughts questioning your career options.

A freelancer in digital marketing might just be the best sizzling option for you to grow professionally as most of our personal growth comes from knowledge and exposure.

In this spotlight, we understand about freelancing in digital marketing, here you simply assist companies sell their products and services online as a freelance digital marketer. Your duty is to contact your client’s target demographic, direct them to their website, and convert them into paying clients. The most thriving freelancers are considered those who are able to grow and nurture their clients business without much intervention, one such successful consultant in digital marketing is Adholic Prashant, who works essentially as a troubleshooter, offers solutions to problems and ideas to increase performance.

Digital Marketing Freelancer in India

In this field, you deal with multiple skills ranging from content writing, designing, strategy building, website creation, developing a campaign, etc and it follows a simple 6 C’s rule that goes as; communication, collaboration, content, circumspect, candid and captivating. Communication is way of connecting to people all over the word that is establishing a global reach and connecting them, collaboration is to assist the clients, being helpful, teamwork of brainstorming ideas; circumspect is to being careful and cautious while taking up new challenges and coming with new deals; candid means that our content should be original and not plagiarized, the content should have originality and uniqueness and lastly is captivating which by the name means the content should be very impactful so that more audience is drawn towards it and have the power to captivate people.

The digital marketing services are to provide real time information and make their clients way through original, visionary tactics.

Adholic Prashant

To get started with freelancing in digital marketing you need to set your expectations low, clear your mind and focus on your skills, develop a brand if possible and then look for clients and make sure to treat the client with utmost priority. Building structured strategies and tactics is an essential way of ensuring that you are on the right path and having a positive mindset regardless of the outcome. You need to have the will to come back stronger every time you fall. You need to have the ability to make decisions keeping in mind the client’s needs and not yours.

Within their line of work, freelance digital marketers and professionals have various options and specialized areas of expertise to explore. As there are so many alternatives, becoming a digital marketer can provide you with a diverse set of experiences And multiple skills. In India, digital marketing freelancing has gained immense interest and proportions of growth in the technological industry resulting in an increased number of audience wanting to opt for this. Like a millennial would say, “freelancing in digital marketing is the new normal”. People are increasingly looking for jobs in this sector, they’ve made their mindset to be their own boss and have the satisfaction of doing work at their own pace and convenience. Although, we still have a large number of people who are not much aware of this field. But many online courses are being started almost every other day to promote and aware more people aware.

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Detailed articles, blogs are being written to ensure this sector of marketing is seen by people and recognized. If you think you have the enthusiasm to learn new skills, build relationships, go out of your comfort zone to collaborate, have the ability to provide candid content and to remain flexible as situations change, then I think you might have an answer to “what’s next?”. Digital marketing freelancing provides enormous opportunities for various skills. The only thing that differs from traditional marketing is that, here you need to promote brands of your clients, increase sales and build better strategies to make sure your client’s business is nurturing well and not just help them build communications and collaborations but also promote them on other social media platforms. In conclusion, this field provides independence, gives us opportunities to build better strategies, have a global reach and to be your own boss. Having a mindset to run in this field is to have a very impactful and creative ability.



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