How to start if you are using digital marketing the first time?

Adholic Prashant
4 min readAug 15, 2020


Hey! Adholic Prashant this side a Digital Marketing Freelancer and today we are going to talk about what should be the right plan of action when you are using digital marketing in your business for the first time.

Usually, people think that website can generate business for their business but we should understand one thing very clearly the website never generated business for anybody, marketing of that website create business for you.

For the plan of action, you should determine your marketing budget for the next 12 months or the next 6 months. Now you need to create a plan where you will invest this budget for marketing of your business. And when you are investing a single paisa in any tools you need to check that how soon or later that tool will help you in your business. For example, if you are creating a business website so before creating a website you need to think about how you are going to aware your customers that your business website is live now, How they can reach your business online. And remember one thing website or any digital marketing tool for not those customers how are already taking services or products from you because they already know you. Digital marketing always works for exploring new customers for your business.

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Like if someone already taking services from you so he is not your customer he is your need to understand the difference between customers and clients. businesses use digital marketing to target more new customers not to retain the old one. Most of the businesses in India create a website for there business and wait for the customers and after a year they lose their hope in digital marketing, you should understand that have you told anyone about your business or website. how new customers got to know about your business website. You are waiting for them and they are searching for you simple but how you are going to fix this error.

If you have budget only for creating a website so being a Digital Marketing Freelancer This is my advice to you that do not create a website, use that budget for marketing of your business like in google ads, Facebook ads, etc because when you use that budget in marketing you will understand the power of digital marketing. And also you will generate good customers for your business and that will motivate you to use digital marketing fully for your business and when you have full faith in digital marketing now you can plan for a website and all and start digital marketing campaigns fully for your business.

It is all about the results when we invest our money somewhere we accept some good results from there for our business and how soon we get the result we really feel hope for that particular process no matter it is a website or marketing.

There are many platforms in digital marketing to use for your business but it is not necessary to use all for the first time you should manage your budget and accordingly create a plan of action for your marketing. And believe me, if you will go step by step you will gain good results for your business within your budget.

Hire a Freelancer For Digital Marketing

You can also take consultation from Adholic Prashant for this that which digital platform can fulfill your requirement or which tools you can use within your budget. Make sure one thing that today nothing is free and if you are hoping for business for free, so you are making mistake my friend. you need to invest your budget on google ads or on Facebook ads to target your desired audience and only after that you can make leads or customers for your business

And Still, if you have any questions regarding this you can contact me anytime.

Stay Happy and have a safe Digital Marketing!

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