What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Digital Marketing Freelancers

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The work of a freelance digital marketer is simple, just help your clients to reach out to their prospective customers and promote their products and services. For small businesses hiring digital marketing, the freelancer is the best option as it saves them from excessive costs that they might have to endure if they establish a full-time in-house digital marketing team.

But before you decide whether you should hire a freelancer or an agency for your digital marketing work, let us first explain what exactly does a digital marketing freelancer does for your company.

Things To Know About Digital Marketing Freelancer

Who is Digital Marketing Freelancer?

A digital marketing freelancer is a person that offers various digital marketing services such as SEO, Link building, social media marketing, E-commerce SEO services, Pay Per Click services, branding, etc for your company. Every business is unique but the aim is common i.e. to build a brand and attract customer traffic. Digital marketing freelancer helps to draw customers to whatever you are selling and then persuade them to buy the products. Both online and offline audience is targeted via digital marketing efforts.

Mentioned below are some of the services offered by digital marketing freelancer

Content marketing

One of the biggest services that digital marketing freelancer offers is content marketing. This encompasses three things content strategy, content writing, and finally content distribution.

The content strategy encompasses mapping the content plan for your client. The aim is to establish what types of content will the target audience of the client will like and what will make them buy/ try a particular product or service.

Content writing means writing blogs, whitepapers, articles, eBooks, creating landing pages, etc.

Content distribution entails promoting the client’s content and attracting visitors to the client’s site. Different techniques are used here, such as content syndication, blogger outreach, social media posts, etc.

Social media

This is more than just posting the content on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, etc The content should be well- researched to create the maximum impact. Social media marketing strategy is not a farce. A freelancer for digital marketing creates social media strategy for your business. This strategy is aimed to generate customer interaction and engagement. A lot of businesses have seen a huge amount of growth because of social media marketing services offered by freelance digital marketers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps to get a high ranking for the client’s website. Services that come under this ambit are on-page optimization, keyword research, on-page optimization, etc. Customers search for a product online before they make a purchase and this is propelling company to opt for SEO services like never before.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is not the same thing as SEO. SEO is about making the website rank high organically, whereas SEM encompasses improving the visibility of the client on various search engines by making use of paid techniques like PPC ads, etc. SEM is particularly helpful if you wish to see a rise in sales as well as revenue in a short span.

So, all of these are the services that a freelancer digital marketer will offer you. It also encapsulates the reasons why hiring such a professional is imperative.

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Why You Should Hire Freelancer for Digital Marketing?

These days it is vital to hire a freelancer for digital marketing because then only your business can grow. A digital marketer helps you to reach more and more people. The dynamics of business have changed drastically. Most businesses have an online presence and the only way to attract customers is by hiring the services of a digital marketer. Establishing a digital marketing department in your company might not be a practical and affordable solution for many so opting for a freelancer in digital marketing is the best bet.

Agency VS Freelancer

The choice of whether to hire an individual freelancer or an agency depends upon the different parameters such as kind of project, complexity, budget, etc. A freelance agency is ideal in case your project calls for too many things such as planning of digital marketing strategy, development, and then final testing of the idea before implementation. Hire the best digital marketing freelancer and see your business soar high.

Importance of Digital Marketing Freelancer

Digital Marketing freelancer is the backbone of a company. He/ she help to fetch more business and expand work. These days all connections are established online. If your business does not have a presence online, then it becomes extremely hard to grow. A digital marketing freelancer advertises for your business via digital channels such as social media, websites, mobile apps, emails, and search engines. Digital marketing is now the most potent way to connect with existing and potential customers and this is the reason why whether you are a digital marketing freelancer in Bangalore or a digital marketing freelancer in Mumbai, your services are of prime importance.

How a Digital Marketing consultant is the best option for small businesses in India?

For small businesses, hiring a digital marketing consultant is the best option because maintaining a full-fledged marketing unit is costly. You need to need a regular salary and maintain a proper office if you set up an in-house digital marketing team. If the scale of your business is not too big, then the best thing to do is to hire a freelance digital marketer and get your work done as and when the need arises. Also, for short term projects, hiring freelancers is without a doubt a much better and affordable option.

Whatever be your scale or kind of business, marketing is an integral part. Without marketing, no business can grow or even sustain itself. In this present era, all businesses seek growth due to digital marketing efforts and this is what necessitates the employment of digital marketing freelancers.



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